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Making VR Apps is HARD 


I Help Devs Ditch Their Draining Corporate 9-5s To Start A VR Career So That They Can Enjoy Work Again And Create Beautiful Games That Pay Them Money! Want in?

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The Confident VR Dev

Dive into my 7-part video series that will help you build your first VR game and start you on this exciting journey of VR development. Includes a FREE asset pack to follow along with!

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Justin P Barnett

Hi! I'm Justin. You've probably seen me around on the YouTubes teaching VR. I've been a software developer for over 10 years at this point (my parents were both programmers, so I started young!) and am only getting more and more interested in code and technology. A few years ago I tried out a cheap $5 VR headset with some 360 videos and was instantly hooked. I've been scratching that VR itch ever since!

I found that there weren't many VR tutorials online and was struggling to get started. That's when I started the YouTube channel. Since then I've only grown more knowledgable in VR and have directed my efforts towards teaching the next generation of VR developers. I'm excited to finally teach you everything that I have learned about VR. Glad you're here!

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VR Development

Is Challenging


Does This Sound Like You?

  • Do you sometimes question whether you have the skills or abilities to navigate the rapidly evolving field of VR development? Whether you're coming from a non-tech background or are a seasoned programmer new to VR, the thought of mastering this technology can be daunting.
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed by the lack of structured guidance or mentorship in the VR space? From understanding the technicalities to building user-friendly VR experiences, it can be challenging when there are few resources to turn to for reliable advice or help.
  • Does it feel like you're entering a saturated market? With big companies and numerous indie developers pouring into VR, standing out in this crowded landscape can feel like an uphill battle
  • Ultimately, are you frustrated that despite having a great idea for a VR application or game, the complexity of VR development, scarcity of resources, and stiff market competition seem to put your dream just out of reach?



"I’m happiest when I have a side project where I can create and this course is the perfect solution! I absolutely love learning this material by watching videos and following along with the projects. Thats the best way to learn in my opinion. The creators make it engaging and its the right difficulty. One thing I didn’t expect is how fun it is to seeing others progress as they share their content. It really gets the creative juices flowin! "

Jeff Thompson

"It's unlike other course offerings out there, in that it's comprehensive. I'm able to take what we're learning and see how it relates to the "big picture" of earning honest money and making a difference as a creator. In addition, most other courses start with hour-plus tutorials, for which many of us, as working creatives, just don't have the time. But we have ten minutes, and the videos I've seen so far average about that length. Finally, many courses go into loving detail about "this part is this, that part is that" until my eyes cross--I need to learn by DOING. Justin gets us busy exploring and doing, right away. And in the process, we learn what the elements are, and what they do."

Dot Cannon

"I knew nothing about unity before entering this class, between Justin's class and his YouTube I feel I am able to talk about Unity, C#, and I can see myself finally achieving my goals with VR Creator Academy. The amount of information one person can attain from this course is up to themselves, but I see more potential in the ability to problem solve, growing a foundation based on logic and unity.
I would recommend this course because I belive in better futures, and better games."



Justin P Barnett's Channel

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Popular Videos

My whole VR career started here on YouTube. Back then, I created tutorials after learning how to do stuff myself. Nowadays, I do cool projects and record the process so you can follow along!

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Online Course

VR Creator Academy

For self-driven developers or aspiring developers looking to make their first VR game, or those who want more clarity inside their VR development journey and learn proven practices. I’ve packaged all my knowledge into bite-size pieces so you can implement and create results in your VR projects.

From Unity or C# basics to my comprehensive XR Interaction Toolkit module, this course will set you up with foundations for success.

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1:1 Mentorship with Justin P Barnett

For existing VR developers who want to hit that next level with 1-1 mentorship. If you have momentum and want help with frameworks to build a fun and optimized VR game, consider applying to see if we are a good fit.

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The Confident VR Dev

Dive into my 7-part video series that will help you build your first VR game and start you on this exciting journey of VR development. Includes a FREE asset pack to follow along with!